Reshma B is RGAT :: Reggae Girl About Town.

You may know her from her column for Clash Music, blogging for Complex Media's or appearing on BBC Radio. RGAT is a tastemaker, world traveler & all around cool girl. 99% of her time is spent globe trekking; spreading the reggae love from England to Jamaica, New York, or Miami.

Her style is UK street fashion meets Lolita with a touch of 90's Dancehall Queen. "I've been inspired by everything from bold prints to vintage caribbean pop colors. Texture and music elements are paramount to my style. I live out of my suitcase and the idea of bringing together a soft hand-dyed vintage Marley Tee and 90's leather skirt with metallic detailing is ideal for my go-to festival look."

Recently, she has stepped out beyond journalism into the world of jewelry design. With her finger on the pulse of Reggae culture, she has been able to create statement jewelry based on the Jamaican patois in music as well as inspirations from one-on-one interactions with Caribean artists. Its the perfect piece for any reggae fan. Reggae King introduces RGAT Jewelry and takes a look at Reshma B's Reggae King Market picks. | Make Up: Ms. Chin | Styling: ReggaeKing Crew | Photo/Layout: G&F Bros.