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Lee Perry - Roast Fish and Corn Bread LP
Lee Perry - Roast Fish and Corn Bread LP

Price: $18.00
Label: VP Records

Lee "Scratch" Perry proved he could extend his talents to greater lengths from his usual awe-inspiring productions to composing an album for the first time as a solo artist. In the 10-track Roast Fish, Collie Weed, and Corn Bread LP originally released in 1978, Lee Perry put his vocal skills to the test and created an exceptional album recorded during his final months at the Perry Black Ark Studios.
  • Side A
  • 1. Soul Fire
  • 2. Throw Some Water In
  • 3. Evil Tongues
  • 4. Curly Locks
  • 5. Ghetto Sidewalk
  • Side B
  • 1. Favorite Dish
  • 2. Free Up The Weed
  • 3. Big Neck Police
  • 4. Yu Squeeze My Panhandle
  • 5. Roast Fish & Cornbread