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Mystic Revealers - Crucial Cuts LP
Mystic Revealers  - Crucial Cuts LP

Price: $14.00

Protecting the tradition of reggae's rich heritage, Mystic Revealers formed in Jamaica. Four of the original members are still with the band: Billy Wilmot (guitar, vocals), Nicholas Henry (drums), Steve Davis (vocals, lead guitar) and Leroy Edwards (bass). After a nearly 15 year hiatus they have released their greatest hits, CrucialCuts.  In that time the band's guitarist & vocalist "Billy Mystic" has help build the surf scene in Jamaica. As a result of this quest, Jamnesia was born; a community center, surf school, skateboard park and music venue in Bull Bay. It was this music venue that was "a crucial incubator for the current Reggae Revival artists including chronix,protoje, kabaka pyramid and more.”
  • 1. Rasta Man
  • 2. Judgement Day
  • 3. Young Revolutionaries
  • 4. Justice
  • 5. Space And Time
  • 6. Righteous
  • 7. Conquering Lion
  • 8. Border Line
  • 9. Tell Them
  • 10. Got To Be A Better Way
  • 11. Dem Problem
  • 12. I'm Gonna Tell Ya
  • 13. That's Life (jah Works)